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Proud to always give the best of ourselves

Caviro is an agricultural cooperative whose mission is to promote the grapes of its members. The company provides an outlet for each Italian region’s grape varieties, introducing them into the world markets in every consumer category. The only way to compete on the world stage is with outstanding quality; this is achieved through the careful selection of their members and with rigorous supply and production specifications.

The strength of a group

The Italian wine-producing panorama is defined by a great number of wineries with high quality products and brand image but without the critical mass or financial means necessary to compete on world markets, which are becoming progressively more competitive and complex. In order to meet their clients’ demands in the various markets, Caviro pursues the following objectives:

  • An integrated chain of production, from vineyard to the bottling process, thanks to which its members supply more than 80% of the wine on the market. This keeps costs down and, along with an innovative production and packaging system, gives rise to a range of products representing great value for money;
  • Research and the establishment of alliances in both production and distribution;
  • Innovative products and processes which confirm the group’s leadership status within the industry.

paragrafo-2Caviro’s membership base

Amongst the best Italian ambassadors on the world market

The company currently boasts numerous production partners including 
30 wine cooperatives providing wine from 12.500 vine growers over an area of 
35.000 hectares and who produce 7 million quintals of grapes, seven wine cooperatives which provide the by-products of their production, two wine consortia and two fruit and vegetable cooperatives.
The organisation’s purpose has always been to ensure the presence of its partners’ wine production in the market through and increase in marketing and development.
Through strict geographical selection of the provenance of its wines, Caviro guarantees quality and therefore provides the market with products that marry taste and value from Italy’s best vineyards.
Today the company has not only achieved a leadership position in the wine making sector, where it is the Italian number one producer of table wine, with products available at a range of prices, but also in the distillery sector where it is the world’s co-leader in the production of naturally occurring tartaric acid.
Furthermore the group ranks as Italy’s number one producer of alcohol and is national co-leader in the production of concentrated and rectified grape must. Thanks to Tavernello and Castellino, the company controls the ‘table wine’ category which includes Botte Buona and Brumale IGT, DOC and DOCG wine while Vini and Cantine D’Italia lines, which bring together vine varieties from 7 Italian regions, are sold in restaurants and enotecas.
In addition to its ‘historical’ cooperative business, in less than two years, Caviro, the only Italian company to do so, has built a portfolio of super premium brands with products from all over Italy and they are considered amongst the best ambassadors for Italy on the world market. The wine making and marketing abilities of the super premium wineries are today complemented by the safeguarding and investments in the different markets that Caviro guarantees, in support of its international partners.

Cantine Leonardo da Vinci

leonardoThese wineries have produced Chianti since 1965 and have 650 hectares of land. Da Vinci Chianti is a market leader in the United States.



Cantina di Montalcino

montalcinoThis winery has been producing Brunello since 1989. With 100 hectares distributed over the 4 main production zones in the territory, it is one of the top five wineries in terms of production. The Da Vinci Brunello di Montalcino DOCG 2007 was awarded the Gran Medaglia d’Oro at Mundus Vini 2013.



CesariFounded in 1936, over the years Cesari has become synonymous with Veronese wines and for the last two years has been included in the list of 100 best Italian wine-producers. In the 1970s, the Amarone Cesari was already amongst the first Valpolicella wines to be distributed over five continents. The 2007 Cesari Il Bosco, Amarone della Valpolicella obtained 95 points from The Wine Advocate in November 2013.


distilleria1High quality ingredients for the leading producers

The use of by-products for safeguarding the environment

Caviro Distillerie Srl’s mission is to use the by-products of the Italian agro-industrial sector, by applying the best technological and procedural expertise whilst at the same time pursuing the highest standards in safeguarding the environment.
Thus the company rose to supplier of choice in the semi-finished products and raw materials sectors for pharmaceutical, food and beverage companies all over the world.
Today CAVIRO Distillerie is No. 2 Alcohol producer in Italy by value and by volume, No. 3 world producer of natural tartaric Acid and No. 1 in Italy for waste water recovery. The production of grape must, enocianina and the supply of industrial services complete the range. The Distillery Division’s production centres include:

  • Faenza, where the distillation of the wine making by-products takes place as well as the production of rectified and concentrated grape must, grape juice, calcium tartrate, absolute alcohol, methylated spirits and enocianina production;
  • Treviso, where the tartaric acid is produced.
distilleria2The energy of a company which produces real energy

With the aim of a complete recuperation of by-products from its manufacturing processes, Caviro has established procedures which allow a minimum dependence of conventional energy sources, in this case methane. In fact Caviro has a bio-mass (grape marc, grass cuttings and prunings) thermal plant which produces steam at high pressure and temperature which then powers the production process. Moreover, with the biogas produced from the purification of stillage and wastewater from food industry processing, the company provides for 100% of its basic electric energy requirements. In 2010 Caviro entered into a Joint Venture with Herambiente S.p.a. for the production of renewable energy from grape marc, grass cuttings and prunings. Caviro has been involved in renewable resources since the 1980s, considerably reducing its environmental impact. Not only that: the experience the company has gained over the years in waste recovery from their manufacturing processes has allowed the group to focus on further innovations that could benefit the viticulture chain of production.