Caviro group

The continuous improvement in terms of production and attention to the environment and the territory have made the Caviro Group a circular economy model, in which different realities combine to form a virtuous 100% circle, capable of generating value in a sustainable way.

Cantina Caviro

100% Italian integrated supply chain

As the leading agricultural cooperative in the wine sector, Caviro offers an extraordinary variety of wines exported to over 70 countries, starting from the historic Tavernello brand, the most drunk Italian wine in the world.

80% of the wine put on the market by Caviro comes from its own members, an integral part of a wine supply chain that puts together many production and distribution companies with well-established identities. Only in this way it is possible to work in synergy, pursuing the same values of sustainability, efficiency and certification that guide every choice of the Group.


Caviro Extra

Natural ingredients and sustainable innovation

Safeguarding the environment has always been one of the Group’s great missions.

This commitment is reflected in the enhancement of our agro-industrial sectors: every year Caviro Extra recovers the sub-products that are transformed into noble products and biomethane, an ecological product, which is introduced into the national network in the form of energy.



We create energy from our work

Caviro’s commitment to the environment also extends to the production of energy from renewable sources, thanks to the Enomondo joint venture.

Enomondo plants represent the latest part of the Group’s virtuous cycle, creating green sustainable compost which can also be used in organic farming, and both electrical and thermal energies.

This process allows Caviro to save 66,000 tons of CO2 each year, since the energy created feeds 100% of the Group’s plants, making them self-sufficient.