2019: caviro increases export and production capacity

The satisfaction of President Dalmonte and of the General Manager Felice: “Important investments made to diversify and innovate”

2019 was an extraordinary year for the Caviro Group, as evidenced by the results presented at the shareholders’ meeting of 21st February. On that occasion, the financial statements of the Group were approved, which for the first time relates to only 8 months of activity instead of 12 as it was decided to adjust the deadlines of the years to the harvest annuities.

President Carlo Dalmonte expresses great satisfaction: “The fruits of an important effort in diversification and innovation are beginning to be seen, both as regards the formats and the proposals.”

These results were presented at the shareholders’ meeting on February 21st, highlighting the reality of a group that today reaches a turnover of 329 million euros.

The Investments

All the companies of the Group have been affected by huge investments: “The new Caviro sca packaging lines launched in the first days of 2019 have allowed us to increase production capacity and references and, to date, we can say that the results achieved have been higher than the best expectations.” underlines the General Manager of Caviro Simon Pietro Pietro Felice.

At the same time, CAVIRO EXTRA HAS INAUGURATED A PLANT FOR THE PRODUCTION OF BIOMETHANE from by-products of the agro-industrial chain deriving from a very important investment for the company.

Leonardo da Vinci spa celebrated the year of the 500th anniversary of the death of the Tuscan genius with a great economic and productive commitment, obtaining a considerable increase in the brand’s reputation.

Finally, Gerardo Cesari has completed the most important part of the work on the new Fumane winery: an investment of tens of millions of euros which, in fact, will change the physiognomy of the company.

Wine, production and market

Production capacity has increased to 120,000 units/hour (+ 14%), which means that Caviro is now able to produce 298 million units per year.

This represents substantial increase in market share, both in Italy and abroad: “In GDO Italia in 2019 the glass segment recorded a volume growth of 2.3% and the brik segment of 1%, at the same time Caviro had an increase of 26.3% and 3.7% respectively.” explains Felice, “As for abroad, where the volume of Italian wine exports in 2019 increased by 3.4%, Caviro saw an increase in exports of 17.6%.”

Quality and work

Numerous awards were received by Caviro during 2019: from the AWARD AS THE BEST ITALIAN WINE PRODUCER AT THE MUNDUS VINI SUMMER TASTING up to the recent TOP JOB AWARD AS ONE OF THE BEST EMPLOYERS.

“The low level of absenteeism, the strong participation of workers in corporate events, and the spontaneous contribution of individual employees to large projects gave us the feeling that the corporate atmosphere was more than positive.” continues the General Manager, “The confirmation received from the ITQF confirms that we must continue on the path of sharing to ensure that our workers really feel an organic part of the large structure that is Caviro.”


Finally, 2019 was the year of the first Sustainability Report presented by the Group: a natural consequence of a growth trajectory that comes from afar, for a cooperative that for over 50 years has been promoting the concept of sustainability and circular economy. “Our cooperative vocation is also our strength.” highlights President Dalmonte, “This affects not only in the relationship with our own work and with the environment, especially in the relationship with the members. Speaking of harvest and wine, I would like to underline that what we are going to liquidate in these weeks is the record harvest of 2018. Faced with the large quantities of product to manage, our cooperative system has performed excellent teamwork, with the various associates and in particular the Romagna cooperatives that have operated with patience and rationality, bringing home a result that I consider appreciable. It is useless to remember that the following vintage of 2019, turned out to be diametrically opposite and, also due to climate change, we are faced with increasingly variable situations. This is also why it is a priority to continue investing in support of the environment and sustainability. Caviro has been moving in this direction since its inception and today, thanks to OUR FIRST SUSTAINABILITY REPORTwe have an important new reporting and transparency tool available.”