A new 10 million Euro green investment in Faenza

The Caviro Extra plant will be enhanced, following a financing agreement between Banco BPM and Enomondo

Among the different interventions that Caviro Group is planning to carry on in the green sector is the enhancement of the composting plant in Faenza, in order to produce an increasing quantity of organic matter in the form of a natural fertilizer.

To this end, a loan agreement for 10 million Euros between Banco BPM and the company Enomondo, an equal joint venture between the companies Caviro Extra and Herambiente, has been created to enhance the by-products and waste of the agri-food industry supply chain by producing electricity and soil conditioners.

The declaration of the managers

“The financing transaction created with Banco BPM’s Central-Northern Corporate Market allows our growth to continue in the business of circular economy” affirms Sergio Celotti, CEO of Enomondo. “The companies Enomondo and Caviro Extra, whose industrial processes guarantee the almost total recovery of waste materials, are a virtuous example of circular economy and integration between different industrial chains, benefiting environmental sustainability.”

Andrea del Moretto, Head of Origination, Banco BPM, further comments: “The operation is part of the activities envisaged thanks to the recent establishment by the bank of a 5 billion Euro ceiling dedicated to supporting investment projects. The ceiling, also due to its significant size, is the main strategy with which Banco BPM aims to become the reference partner of the Italian mid-corporate segment, for a transition towards sustainable business models.