A New Look for Tavernello, to Showcase the Value of the Production Chain

The long-standing brand Caviro introduces the new Brik, with a clearer, more transparent image.

Tavernello, the best-seller wine among Italian families since 1983, is ready to enter a new phase. The Brik packaging in its three versions (red, white and rose) now has a new look, designed to offer consumers a transparent and direct communication.

The new Brik, with its revised image, maintains a strong link with its visual identity, while introducing significant innovations:

  • Indication of the harvest year.
  • Denomination of the producer, Cantine Caviro.
  • The Equalitas Label, which certifies the commitment to sustainability.
The Harvest Year

In the Brik packaging, the harvest year is an absolute novelty that adds value and guarantees the quality of wine.

The packaging date will also be indicated, as further proof of freshness, and the expiry date will be eliminated, as it is no longer required by law, the Brik packaging having been equated to bottles.

Indication of the Producer

The choice to indicate the producer Cantine Caviro marks a significant change of pace, disclosing to customers the history of a long-standing, all-Italian production chain, consisting of 12,400 winemakers located in 7 regions for a total of 36,000 hectares of cultivated vineyards.

The Equalitas Label

The last piece of the project is the addition of the Equalitas label on the new Briks, a label that guarantees Caviro’s ecological, ethical, and economic sustainability.

A vision strictly connected to the use of Tetra Pak Briks: a recyclable material produced from renewable sources that protects wine from light and air and consents – compared to glass containers – to reduce transport emission by 81% (1 Brik truck = 19 glass trucks).

Vision and Innovation

This project gives Caviro, once more, the role of pioneer in a market segment that is now very ‘crowded’ and competitive.

‘Caviro is a sustainable company that has created a circular economy that begins and ends with the vine. The harvested grapes are transformed into the wines we provide to the market, but also into alcohol and other useful sub-products, energy, and last but not least they are transformed into fertilizers that return to the vineyards – explains Benedetto Marescotti, Caviro Marketing Director –. All without losing sight of the respect due to human labour and the sustenance of thousands of winemakers families, a valour inherent in our DNA as a cooperative’.