“Black to the Future”: the European Project starts

A new soil amendment mixture – produced by Enomondo – which nourishes the soil and reduces desertification, is being tested. Four countries are involved: Italy, Spain, Belgium and Cyprus.

«Black to the future – Biochar and compost as soil amendment», a project that involves four European countries (Italy, Spain, Belgium and Cyprus) with Caviro Group as leading subject, has got to the heart.

The aim of this initiative is to test the potential of «CBMix», a mixture produced from the combination of soil amendment and biochar, a carbonaceous material derived from the thermal degradation of agricultural pruning.

It is believed that using this product can reduce soil depletion and increase the ability of the soil to absorb carbon, improving plant yield.

Organization and partners of the project

CBMix is produced by Enomondo – a company part of Caviro Group – at their premises in Faenza (RA), and then distributed on several fields in Italy and in partner countries with the aim of testing its yield in different climatic and environmental conditions, as well as on different crops.

In Emilia-Romagna the experimentation is monitored by CRPV-Centro Ricerche Produzioni Vegetali in collaboration with the University of Bologna, while the partner institutions in the other countries are CSIC Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientìficas (Spain), Cyprus University of Technology (Cyprus) e Urban Crop Solutions (Belgium).

Behind this project, started in May 2021 and lasting one year, with a possible extension until the end of 2022, there’s the desire to work for the dissemination of a circular economy model which involves all the subjects of the supply chain into agricultural waste products reusing and in a sustainable soil management.

The goals of Black to the Future

«CBMix allows the accumulation of water and nutrients, stimulating the growth of beneficial soil microflora, making the soil more resistant to drought and providing more balance to the plant –   says Rosa Prati, Project Manager and R&D Manager of Caviro -. Biochar is a porous material that retains water and nutrients and releases them gradually, thus increasing soil fertility and fighting its desertification ».

«Black to the future» is funded by EIT Food – European Institute of Innovation and Technology (Project ID: 21217).

More information available on the website: BLACKTOTHEFUTURE.EU.