Caviro among the best employers in italy

The Top Job 2020 award was awarded by the German Quality and Finance Institute which analyzed 2,000 Italian companies.

The Top Job 2020 ranking has elected Caviro Group among the best employers in Italy.

The award, awarded by the German Quality and Finance Institute (ITQF) in media partnership with the newspaper La Repubblica, was published as part of a study on corporate welfare and career excellence in Italy.

An analysis of the 2,000 companies with the largest number of employees – including Ikea, Nespresso Italia and Barilla – has produced a final ranking that rewards those who have distinguished themselves from an economic and qualitative point of view.

In particular, the Caviro Group ranked 5th in the Beverage sector.

To draw up the ranking, the ITQF used the method of social listening, that is the practice of “listening” on the web of all the “conversations” that refer to the employer in the last 12 months, subsequently analyzed to measure the data of interest.

“The sense of responsibility towards people, the community and the environment is part of our work since its birth, which took place 53 years ago,” comments Carlo Dalmonte, president of Caviro, “A precise responsibility towards the staff, which is a fundamental part of Caviro and the true beating heart of the cooperative, manifests itself in the tendency to continuously improve of working conditions, to respect the times of reconciliation, in the choice to aim to offer opportunities for realization, in growth but also well-being in the workplace.”.

Caviro is also an SA8000 certified company on Corporate Social Responsibility and has committed itself to collaborating with suppliers and partners so that they too are oriented towards the same operating logic.