Caviro Group Awarded With The Equalitas Certification

An important recognition for a historic commitment in the field of environmental, social and economic sustainability

In 2020, the journey of Caviro as a leading company in the world of sustainability reached a new milestone with the EqualitasCertification.

Caviro’s Sustainable Approach

Caviro’s production activities, sustainable and with a low environmental impact, enhance the production of its cooperative members while promoting the ethical, environmental, and economic dimension.
This approach made Caviro a complete model of circular economy, able to preserve the value of natural resources and recover the by-products of the production chain. These by-products are either processed into noble products for the food, pharmaceutical and agricultural sectors, or become raw materials for new energy sources: from thermal and electrical energy, to bioethanol and biomethane.
Caviro has been pursuing this vision for over 50 years, and the Equalitas Certification represents a further recognition.

Equalitas Certification

Equalitas is a Sustainability Certification attested by Valoritalia, a leading certification society in the wine sector.
Founded in Italy and internationally recognized, Equalitas considers in a single instrument the environmental, social and economic dimension and some fundamental ethical values, such as the respect for equal opportunities and the refusal of any discrimination.
Caviro has been certified according to the Equalitas Sustainable Wine standard, proving to have adopted the  “good practices”, defined by measurable indicators, throughout all the production phases: from the vineyard to the transport of the final product.
This certification addresses sustainability according to three pillars:

  • Social Sustainability: paying attention to
    • THE WORKERS and their rights so that equal opportunities are promoted, discrimination is not allowed in any form and job roles match qualifications;
    • RELATIONS with the territory;
  • Environmental Sustainability: with a particular focus on the correct soil, plant and harvest management, and on the wine-making and bottling process;
  • Economic Sustainability: for the demonstration of the investments made for sustainability enhancements and the adoption of good economic practices towards employees and suppliers.

In case of a suspected violation of these pillars, or if you wish to get more information relating to the implementation of the principles of the standard, you can contact the Social Performance Team (SPT) of Caviro Soc. Coop. Agricola.

You can send your requests:

  • in paper form to Caviro Sca – Social Performance Team, Via Convertite 12, 48018 Faenza (RA), Italy
  • by e-mail to the following address: SOCIALTEAM@CAVIRO.IT
Ahead of the Times in a Changing Industry

At the end of the process, companies must draft a Sustainability Report which also defines the improvement policies.
SimonPietro Felice, Group General Manager, remarked:
“Caviro wants to be ahead of the times in a sector that is experiencing a significant evolution, especially when it comes to the demand for quality and sustainability. We consider this to be an essential operation to strengthen the solidity of our production chain and of the community around us. We will continue to face these exciting challenges in a conscious and synergic way, always guided by the respect for the territory. To this regard we will continue to summarize and describe our journey in the annual Sustainability Report”.