SimonPietro Felice, Caviro Group CEO declared: “Maximum solidarity with members, collaborators, companies and the entire community involved”

The situation in Romagna after the heavy floods of 17, 18 and 19 May is slowly evolving. Fortunately, Gruppo Caviro, whose main offices are located between the towns of Forlì and Faenza, managed to limit the impact of flooding and ensured continuity of service to its customers. Most efforts focused on the Forlì site, where wine is packaged, and the timely management of the area threatened by rising water allowed continuing business activities without interruption. Even at the Faenza site, efforts are being made to quickly return to full capacity by deploying all possible resources.

Although the Company has not been directly affected in terms of production, the situation is still dire in the flooded areas: “In the face of the calamity that has struck our land, we express our utmost solidarity with our members, collaborators, companies and all the communities involved because in times of an emergency like this the only possible response is to roll up one’s sleeves”, has commented SimonPietro Felice, Caviro Group CEO.

In these challenging days, the tenacity shown by the people of Romagna and the solidarity that has come to the area from all over Italy are making a decisive contribution to managing the first phase of the emergency: “We are certain that the solidarity we felt strongly on the streets, among the people, will also be decisive in teaming up and creating a network that supports the economic and social fabric of the area, in order to stand back up from the mud, even when the most acute phase of the emergency has passed” concluded Felice.