Caviro Group Press Release – 9th May 2023

The Caviro Group stands with the many people and families who have had to leave their homes in the past few hours, due to the fire – currently contained and under control – that occurred yesterday at the Caviro Extra facility in Via Convertite, Faenza. We understand that the worry and inconvenience caused by this event, just a few days after the floods, has been a further weight on the shoulders of a community that has already suffered greatly.

Our solidarity also goes to the businesses and the workers of the many companies operating in the Via Convertite and Via Boaria area, who have been forced to stop their activities. 

The site’s safety and evacuation protocols, which where promptly activated, have ensured that nobody was involved at all in the accident. Although we are facing substantial damage, we are comforted by the fact that people’s health was protected, which for us is a fundamental value and a commitment we pursue every day.

We would again like to thank the Fire Brigade and Law Enforcement for their prompt intervention to ensure everyone’s safety, Arpae for their immediate action to check the air quality, and the Faenza city administration involved in planning for the coordination of emergency services, for their collaboration and support.