Caviro inaugurates ecological transport powered by methane

The partnership between the Caviro Group and the Arco Trasporti cooperative launches the first vehicle powered by liquefied natural gas (lng), an ecological fuel with reduced environmental impact.

“The growing sensitivity of the manufacturing world towards green issues,” explains Giampaolo Bassetti, Caviro’s operation director, “Also translates into the commitment to reduce the emissions generated by transport and logistics. Hence this synergy with Arco Trasporti was born, now that alternative power supply vehicles have appeared on the market.”

Green energy sources are a consolidated theme within the Group. The Caviro Extra division recently inaugurated the first national biomethane production plant starting from agro-food by-products, extending its circular economy model to another link in the supply chain.

“Heavy transport powered by electricity is still a distant hypothesis, therefore biofuels represent a responsible and prospective choice.” adds Bassetti, “Today we use the new lng vehicle to supply, with the products of our main wine brands, two territorial distribution centers of a large Italian GDO brand. We hope to be able to count on other means of the same type soon, perhaps receiving the right incentives from the state.”

The truck, customized by Caviro with dedicated graphics, is part of a mini-fleet consisting of two lng-powered vehicles deployed by Arco Trasporti. This is a first step, pending the development of large-scale transport with these vehicles which have lower traction and management costs but still show some unknown variables. Travel autonomy is in fact reduced, equal to about 1000 km, and the production and distribution of fuel in the area is still insufficient.

Investments in the area will therefore be necessary to grow a business that is both strategic for companies and beneficial for the environment.