Caviro next to Ior for “The Missing Dinner”

The Caviro Group is one of the supporters of the project “La Cena che non c’è” (The Missing Dinner), an initiative by the cancer institute “IOR” (Istituto Oncologico Romagnolo) offering support to patients who struggle with cancer every day thanks to 500 food boxes.

The Missing Dinner is a “non-event” of proximity (but not in presence) involving the whole of the territory of Romagna and originated from a concern. This year, due to the epidemiological situation in progress, all Christmas fund-raising dinners cannot take place. However, cancer has not ceased to exist. Now more than ever there is the need to be close to those who are struggling.

Hence, the idea of the dinner box, containing premium quality and typical local products (pasta, oil, tomato sauce, basil), accompanied by the advice of Chef Igles Corelli to cook a perfect, caring, pasta with tomato sauce.

You may join the project on IOR WEBSITE.