Caviro supports the exhibition dedicated to Alfonso Leoni

At the International Museum of Ceramics in Faenza the artist’s retrospective has been extended until June 2021, hoping to soon be able to welcome new visitors

The collaboration between Caviro and the International Museum of Ceramics in Faenza continues. After the exhibition of Picasso’s ceramics, this year it’s the turn of a retrospective dedicated to “Alfonso Leoni. Rebel Genius”. Inaugurated on October 1 st , 2020, unfortunately the exhibition was temporarily closed to the public as a consequence of the Covid-19 restrictions. The final closure, initially scheduled on January 19 th , 2021, has been extended to June 13 th , 2021, hoping to soon be able to welcome new visitors..

The artist

Alfonso Leoni was an absolute protagonist of the avant-garde, a talented innovator who inspired many artistic personalities in the following years. Forty years after his death, this large exhibition collects for the first time all the work of the artist, very attached to the city of Faenza, with the aim of analysing the rich and intense production dedicated not only to ceramics but also to the languages of contemporaneity (painting, graphics, design, sculpture).

The Partnership with Caviro

The partnership between the Museum and Caviro is a bond renewed year after year, and it’s getting stronger during this particularly difficult time for art and culture.

“Investing in the territory is part of our DNA – explains Carlo Dalmonte, President of Caviro – and culture is the cornerstone of every community. Caviro has been collaborating for years with the International Museum of Ceramics of Faenza, an institution that supports the research and dissemination of a language that is part of the history and roots of our territory, and hence we believe it should be protected, ‘cultivated’ and enhanced. Particularly at a complicated time like this, in which we are all waiting to be able to return to experience culture physically again”.