Innesti, The Magazine About Sustainability

The publishing project supported by Caviro aims to spread a culture of responsibility, awareness and respect for the environment

Innesti is the new quarterly magazine telling stories of sustainability. The purpose of Caviro Group, which supports the project and has always pursued a circular economy model, is to enrich the field with clear information, tracing a path that may be the expression of the best balance between man and the surrounding environment.

Each issue of Innesti will deal with a different concept, always connected to sustainability, that will be explored by a group of experts – journalists, blog writers, academics, artists – through articles and contributions, declined in four macro areas: nature and environment, food and surroundings, urban culture and lifestyles.

The narrative thread in the first issue is unpredictability as in these increasingly fragile times, where development is vulnerable and predictive models do not come true, we need to look at unpredictability as a value. The narrating voices of this edition are Silvia Botti, Giovanni Dinelli, Martina Liverani, Davide Paolini, Federico Quaranta, Lella Scalia, Monica Sozzi, Massimo Temporelli.

The project is designed and supported by Caviro Group, which has its core values in the protection of the environment, innovation, the commitment to sustainable growth of the territory and the promotion of safety and well-being of employees and consumers. This vision is perfectly in line with the objectives outlined by the UN 2030 Agenda.

Through a qualified and responsible magazine, Caviro means to spread a culture of awareness, contributing to shape a collective and responsible awareness towards a planet in a state of emergency. From here the choice of the title, and the metaphor of graftings (innesti): an ancient technique, often spontaneous, aimed at improving the plant and its strength, with the intervention of man,interlacing different elements of a pre-existing context to create value, and make it even richer. The unconditional generosity of the earth in fact gives us the fruits, and it is our duty to preserve these gifts with dedication, consciousness, and respect.

Innesti is available online for free at: WWW.INNESTI.COM.