Matter and Bioenergy

Natural ingredients
and sustainable innovation

We’re dedicated to turning waste from Italy’s agro-food supply chain into new secondary raw materials and high-value products. Over the years, we’ve honed our expertise in 100% bio-based biorefining. Coupled with top-notch technological skills, this approach not only cares for the environment but also embodies the circular economy’s efficiency.


At our long-standing base in Faenza, we’ve always produced various energy sources. We generate heat and electricity from grape processing waste and local prunings. Our bioethanol is sourced from agriculture, while our biomethane is derived from waste produced by the Italian agro-food industry. Each day, we balance agriculture and industry, nature and technology, ensuring eco-sustainability within our virtuous circle.

advanced biomethane agro-industrial plant built in Italy
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in Italy for wastewater recovery
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GWh of equivalent electricity produced
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tonnes of fertiliser produced
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Caviro Extra utilises waste from the wine and agro-food industries to produce 100% bio-based energy and noble products.Our offerings range from noble products like second-generation alcohols, tartaric acid, and extracts to fertilisers and renewable energy.

Extra Alcohols

ethanol of agricultural origin

From traditional distillation to innovative custom formulations, we produce both first and second-generation agricultural alcohol.

Extra Musts and Extracts

musts and grape juices, grape seeds, oenocyanin

We preserve the noble components of grapes from pressing to by-product utilisation for the wine and food sectors.

Extra Tartaric

natural tartaric acid

We extract natural, 100% bio-based tartaric acid, which is pure and extra white, from the processing of lees and pomace sourced from the wine industry supply chain. 

Extra Eco-Energy

purification, renewable energies,
natural fertilisers

We create energy and fertilisers for agriculture from winemaking by-products and agro-food wastewater.