The Partnership Between Caviro and the Schools of the Territory Takes Root

The experimental projects started in the winery of the Persolino-Strocchi Institute of Faenza, were presented in a meeting with the participation of the Regional Councillor, Alessio Mammi

For many years, Caviro Group has been working alongside schools to foster dialogue between the world of education and the world of work.  In particular, the relationship with the Persolino-Strocchi Institute of Faenza dates back to 2012 and was consolidated in 2018 with the establishment of “A scuola di vite”, a protocol recently reviewed and presented at the event “Training and innovation in viticulture, roots for the future”.

The meeting was held on October 11, in the school courtyard (and streamed for all students), with the participation of the representatives of Caviro and Persolino, Alessio Mammi, Emilia-Romagna Councillor for Agriculture, and Massimo Isola, Mayor of Faenza.

“Since its foundation,” said Carlo Dalmonte, Chairman of Caviro Group, “we have tried to optimize and enhance every element of our chain and today we are recognized as a model of circular economy, creating added value on a large scale. In our vision, circular economy is also about knowledge and culture. I truly consider the possibility of bringing some of the knowledge from the past back to our days, enhancing and developing intuitions together with young generations».

Collaborations Between Caviro and the School

The protocol “A scuola di vite” includes the management of the didactic and experimental winery “Leonardo da Vinci”, at Persolino Institute, where grapes that Caviro cultivates in an experimental vineyard go through vinification. Training courses in the field and in Caviro laboratories are also being planned. Finally, since 2012, organic compost produced by Enomondo – a company of Caviro Group that deals with circular economy – has been used in the fields cultivated by school students.

In the experimental vineyard in Forlì, Caviro evaluates the most typical grapes of the Romagna area – explains Rosa Prati, Head of Development and Research Area of Gruppo Caviro – The activity moved into the practical phase during the Covid-19 pandemic indeed, but this did not stop the collaboration. Thanks to the support of school staff, we were able to achieve good results as early as 2020, and the students were an integral part of this process.”

Work-School Educational Experience

Caviro and Persolino also started Transversal Skills and Orientation Formative Projects and this year three students – Umberto Caroli, Febe Tampellini, Pietro Spazzoli – have been able to follow, respectively, the productive phases in the field, laboratory analysis and the evaluation of the data collected with the comparison of the different analysed theses.

“The work-school experience allows young students to actualize their learning efforts in a real system – highlights Romana Selli, Persolino-Strocchi Responsible. – We are counting that this collaboration with Caviro can grow over time and involve an increasing number of students, so as to guarantee them the acquisition of valuable experiences in the world of work”.

“It is always extremely interesting for our territory to build alliances between companies and the world of education – comments Alessio Mammi, Councillor for Agriculture and Food in the Emilia-Romagna Region. – Congratulations to Caviro for having believed and invested for a long time in this opportunity and to the Persolino-Strocchi Institute for the management of the educational and experimental winery and for the application of principles of circular economy and sustainability. Transferring skills to the new generations means creating added value for our businesses and for future workers.