The Caviro philosophy

Developing an integrated cycle for a sustainable future

Environmental protection, innovation, maximum enhancement of resources, and commitment to sustainable growth of the territory are among the values that have always inspired the Caviro Group’s choices.

These imperatives have led to continuous improvement in production terms and have made the Caviro Group a model of circular economy.

The circular economy is an ecological alternative to the traditional linear economy, a strategic model that aims to maximize the value of all resources, preserving the value of assets for as long as possible.

The resources are used for as long as possible, to then be recycled and reused.

Each product that leaves a Caviro plant is therefore the result of a certified sustainability path that begins in the field and involves the entire supply chain, from the choice of grapes to cultivation techniques, from production to transport.

Eliminiamo il concetto di rifiuto

We eliminate the concept of waste